Masonic Toasts

To the craft...

Come my Brethren Dear, from Ahiman Rezon (1764)

January 7, 2014

Come my Brethren Dear

Come, come my Brethren dear,
Now we're assembled here,
Exalt your Voices clear,
With Harmony;

Here's none shall be admitted in,
Were he a Lord, a Duke, or King,
He's counted but an empty Thing,
Except he's free.

Let ev'ry Man take Glass in Hand,
Drink Bumpers to our Master Grand,
As long as he can sit or stand,
With Decency.

From Ahiman Rezon (1764), by Laurence Dermott

May the plumb

December 24, 2013

May the plumb line and compass, the square, and the tools,
Direct all our actions in virtue's fair rules.

Author Unknown

A Mason′s Greeting, by John Edmund Bass

December 10, 2013

A Mason′s Greeting

To all who hope for life beyond this living,
To all who reverence one holy Name ––
Whose liberal hand will not be stayed from giving,
Who count all human fellowship the same;
Whose lives ascent in wisdom, strength, and beauty,
Stone upon stone, square–hewn and founded well,
Who love the light –– who tread the path of duty:
Greet you well, brethren! Brethren, greet you well!

by John Edmund Bass

My Creed, by an Unknown Author

November 26, 2013

 To live as gently as I can,

To be, no matter where, a man;
To take what comes of good or ill;
To cling to faith and honor still;
To do my best and let stand
The record of my brain and hand;
And then, should failure come to me,
Still work and hope for victory!

"To have no secret place wherein
I stoop unseen to shame or sin;
To be the same when I'm alone
As when my every deed is known,
To live undaunted, unafraid
Of any step that I have made;
To be without pretense or sham,
Exactly what men think I am.

Author Unknown

Ye Brethren All

November 5, 2013

Ye Brethern all,
Whom Freemasons men call,
Without care or strife,
In joy pass this life.
Be a full brimmer still,
Your defence `gainst all ill,
And the jovial glass fill,
To the health of all, Freemasons all,
We are Brethren, both great and small.

Hark the Hiram Sounds to Close

October 22, 2013

Hark the Hiram sounds to close,
And we from work are free,
We'll drink and sing, and toast the King,
And the Craft with a hearty three times three.

Hark, the Clock repeats high twelve,
It can't strike more we all well know;
Then ring, ring, ring, ring the bell,
For another bowl before we go.

Coming, coming, coming Sir, the waiter cries,
With a bowl to drown our care,
We're a hearty set on the level met,
And we always part on the square.

To all true hearted Freemasons

October 15, 2013

To all true hearted Freemasons.

May the sacred rules of masonry instructive spread,
Till truth erect her long neglected head!

Till through deceitful night she dart her ray,
And beam full glorious in the blase of day !

Till men by virtuous maxims learn to move,
Till all the peopled world her laws approve ;

And Adam's race are bound in brother's love.

The Final Toast

October 8, 2013

The Final Toast

'Are your glasses all charged in the West and the South?' the Worshipful Master cries. 
'All charged in the West!' 'All charged in the South,' came the Wardens' prompt replies. 
Then to our final Toast tonight, our glasses freely drain, 
Happy to meet, sorry to part, happy to meet again. 

The Mason's social Brotherhood around the festive board, 
Reveals a Truth more precious far, than the miser's hoard. 
We freely share the bounteous gifts, that generous hearts contain, 
Happy to meet, sorry to part, happy to meet again. 

We meet as Masons free and true, and when our work is done, 
The merry song and social glass is not unduly won. 
And only at our farewell pledge is pleasure mixed with pain, 
Happy to meet, sorry to part, happy to meet again. 

Amidst our mirth we drink to all poor Masons o'er the Earth, 
On every shore our flag of love is gloriously unfurled. 
We prize each Brother, fair or dark, who bears no moral stain, 
Happy to meet, sorry to part, happy to meet again. 

We Masons prize that noble truth, the Scottish peasant told,
That rank is but a guinea stamp: The man himself the gold.
We meet the rich and poor alike, the equal rights maintain, 
Happy to meet, sorry to part, happy to meet again. 

Dear Brethren of the Mystic tie, the night is waning fast, 
Our work is done, our feast is o'er, this toast must be the last. 
Good night to all, once more good night, again that farewell strain, 
Happy to meet, sorry to part, happy to meet again.

-By Bro. David Lester Richardson

To all Masons Who Honor the Name

October 1, 2013

Then charge my dear Brethren, a bumper all round,
To the brim fill each glass, let no day-light be found;
Here's a health to all Masons who honour the name,
By walking upright, and observing the same.

A Toast to Every Brother

September 24, 2013

Let us toast every brother, both ancient and young.

Who bridles his passion and governs his tongue.

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